Kylie Interview Fail



8 responses to “Kylie Interview Fail”

  1. Andrew says :

    The DJ is clearly a complete idiot. Kylie should have called him a twat on air.

  2. Kenny says :

    Eh, I think if she’s just had a sense of humour about it could have been a funny interview. Almost all radio DJs are twats, she may as well have a bit of fun with them. If you are looking of decent interview go on Parky for crying out loud (err, if he was still on that is).

  3. laurie says :

    How excellent is Kylie’s response there? What a marvellous way to make a fool look small..

  4. Stuart says :

    This is painful to listen to – how unprofessional can someone be? Awesome car crash radio..

    Why can’t a sent out a direct link to this page? Surely you won’t get any propagation unless people can pick out gems such as this and send them to their mates…

  5. Tomma says :

    I should be so lucky

  6. radiofail says :

    You just need to send the link to the page to spread the word!

  7. Andrew says :

    He did apologise for the second one…

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