Newsreader final bulletin… and exit


4 responses to “Newsreader final bulletin… and exit”

  1. Chelle says :

    Hey i am so glad that an on air personality had the guts to stand up for the disasterous cuts at the station. We have lost great people shez, ward and many more, many of our long standing personalities. Now we are set to lose people from the news and sports team. I have not had tay on since the station has gone down the pan. So yeah goodbye radio tay forever.

  2. Mike says :

    Alan Towers from Midlands Today, anyone?

  3. beth says :

    I agree with Chelle, Radiotay has changed. Sadly not for the better, I being unhappy with the changes now listen to Radio2. Radiotay is no longer worth the airtime it recieves. I wish station management would admit they work for a station which no longer appeal to the public. Bauer should realise that one size fits all does not wash with long time listeners.

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