Very awkward interview fail


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8 responses to “Very awkward interview fail”

  1. Rob T Firefly says :

    I suddenly feel so much better about my own interviewing skills.

  2. Mosh says :

    Good grief – who was that interviewer? He was *terrible*.

  3. Tomma says :

    That was almost like listening to “The Office” or Alan Partridge for the first time “Oh it doesnt matter “

  4. Tom W says :

    Wow this is one shocking interview.
    Nice to see this man being put into this place by the interviewee though.

  5. Tony La Mesmer says :

    That was pure Partridge….

  6. Paul Hurst says :

    What a rubbish interview! I was really impressed with the way in which Hardeep dealt with it all, I would of been far less polite in the face of such ignorance.

  7. Skybod says :

    This guy needs shooting!! OMG how do these people get on the radio!
    Totally unprepared and just awkward in the extreme!

  8. Leigh says :

    The interviewer was Les Ross from the sounds of it…..

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