Another embarrassing interview fail


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13 responses to “Another embarrassing interview fail”

  1. steve orpin says :

    my god, what a way to conduct an interview.Steven Berkof rightly put her in her place.It was so unprofessional and condesending.He could hav ereally laid into her..

    perhapos she is better suited to interview Meg Ryan..

  2. aidvna says :

    to be honest, he had some good points.

  3. tido says :

    i think she handled that quite well, obviously got a good brain on her shoulders – bet he’s a joy to live with.

  4. Spike Nesmith says :

    I’m on the side of the interviewer on this. What a tosser Berkoff was. The only issue here was that she was obviously too flummoxed and nervous to tell him to bugger off if he was going to be so damned objectionable. She should have nutted up and told him where to go.

    They’re doing *him* a favour, promoting whatever piece of pretentious garbage he was there for – the least he could have done was answer the damned questions or not agreed to do the interview, rather than acting like a petulant child.

  5. Matthew H says :

    The interviewer is Helen Razer. Always a bit edgy and never backed down unfortunately. It’s her biggest failing but also what made her so infamously listenable. See the link below for more info.
    Another thing, you never know what has been said between interviewee and interviewer already off air prior to being on air.

  6. Been there, done that! says :

    I really felt for Helen… from the outset he was an entirely disagreeable interviewee. She tried to bring him into the interview in a couple of different ways and he was just not having it, I don’t blame her for feeling frustrated, I think she handled it really well.
    Agree with Spike though that she should really just have told him to sod off!

  7. Sam says :

    I’m with Berkoff all the way – she was incredibly patronising from the off, and deliberately set out to antagonise him. He’s a much, much better director than she is an interviewer.

  8. Robert Capel says :

    Totally with Berkoff – what a ridiculous interview… is that woman really a professional?

  9. Steve Pooley says :

    I completely agree that Berkoff let himself down badly there. He may be a noteworthy director, but he clearly has few social skills. What a way to conduct himself while being interviewd by someone giving him publicity? Even if he thought the questions were crass, he should have known better and kept that to himself, rather than doing childish and insulting impressions of Australian accents, and nit-picking the questions. If he’d kept a civil tongue in his head for three minutes he’d have come out of it much better.

  10. Dom Doff says :

    Good God classic! Not sure what to think here. She’s obviously one of those hoity-toity, jolly-hockey stick types who would probably benefit from living in the real world for a year or two away from the dickybow and dinner party bridge, whilst he comes across as an arrogant pig who’s no doubt surrounded by sycophantic brown-nosers 24/7. He was right: her questions were banal, but he was egregiously rude and aggressive.

  11. Ben says :

    Great comments – amazing how differently people can perceive a short interview.

  12. campru says :

    she should have told hime to ‘fuck off cunt”

  13. Hotfoot UK says :

    I don’t know if addressing strangers ‘dear’ is acceptable in Australia but it is most certainly not in Britain. It is most condescending (unless the addressee is a close personal friend/partner, and even then it is usually tongue-in-cheek). This is clearly what Steven took exception to. This woman attempted to begin the interview on the upper hand and her plan backfired miserably. I admire Steven for reacting as quickly as he did to her bad technique.

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