Late Night Love fail


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7 responses to “Late Night Love fail”

  1. Mosh says :

    Could just be me but I think the presenter’s talking bollocks. As far as I’m aware (and it’s been a long time since I worked in radio, and then only as a student) but the responsibility for what was broadcast rested entirely on the radio station (or individual broadcaster). If you have callers ringing in live, then you should use a delay.

  2. Craig says :

    Yes, the individual isn’t bound by the ofcom codes. Apart from that though, this clip is brutal in its simplicity. Lure him in to a thank you, then call him a cunt.

  3. Dale says :

    I don’t believe Ofcom can do things with individual callers either, I think it’s the DJ trying to put the s**ts up him. “You’re not so clever after all.” Very Alan Partridge.

  4. Steve Robbins says :

    the rules are now much fairer on the radio and the presenter.. as long as you report the offender to OFCOM with full details. Name,number then the fault doesn’t lie with you, hardly any stations use delay, its either pre recorded or live with full details of the caller taken before they go on air. Then if a complaint is raised the station is not to blame… unless its the presenter that swears 😉

  5. Mosh says :

    Steve – that sounds *far* too sensible to be the working solution in the UK? Are you sure? 😉

  6. compliance says :

    Sorry Steve, you’re wrong I’m afraid – it’s the licensee who is bound to comply, regardless of whether the broadcaster could control it or not. That’s the risk you take with live calls… as for reporting people to Ofcom, that sounds like a breach of Data Protection to me…

  7. john says :

    well he couldn’t sue him for libel could he…

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