Radio 1 chart show fail


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8 responses to “Radio 1 chart show fail”

  1. Mosh says :

    D’oh! I’m training to be a teacher and it’s *really* hard not to use “everyday” language in the professional environment. Well done to him if it’s true that’s the first time he’s slipped up in 19 years!

  2. George says :

    I can’t believe 2 people complained. It was obviously a complete accident and everyone laughed and he apologised. It’s not like he phoned someone famous and left crude answerphone messages 😛

  3. Adrian Richter says :

    What the F**k

  4. Ross Patzelt says :

    Who is the silly girl who just laughs as hes trying to be serious

  5. Dom says :

    19 Year career um did he start in radio aged 7 ?

  6. Anna says :

    Literally hilarious. “Unbelievable!”
    He totally surprised himself, like when a dog trumps. Brilliant.

  7. Kiera Giwls says :

    haha i laughed my head off

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