Marriage proposal fail


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27 responses to “Marriage proposal fail”

  1. captain wow says :

    That is, actually, amazing!

  2. Tomma says :

    Oh God Nick what did you do?

  3. Ben says :

    I can’t get it to work – even when I download the original!

  4. Ben says :

    Oh wait – I think it’s a crappy internet blocker on my end…

  5. Ben says :

    Worked around it – oh. my. god. Brilliant.

  6. djsosumi says :

    fuck off nick.

  7. Chris says :

    haha this reminds me of Danny Dumps on Galaxy…..classic =D

  8. frankie says :

    Good on ya Suzie-I bet he thought you couldn’t refuse on air. It seems to me that he should have done the refusing in the first place, off air!

  9. Tristan says :

    “damn…” *cue romantic music*

  10. ruth says :

    😦 can’t get it to work either….stuck in buffering land for over 5mins!

  11. matt says :

    I love that the song played directly after is Enrique Iglesias’ Hero

  12. Alison says :

    That’s brightened up my morning

  13. gail says :

    what goes round comes round, Nick!!

  14. WOZZA says :

    Even though your a bastard Nick by all accounts,it may be a lucky escape lol !!

  15. Richard says :

    Go on Nick, you dawg!

  16. David says :

    I bet he’s really confused right now, saying what!? What did I do?

  17. Lee says :

    Coming out of the closet to the sister was a bad move, Nick.

  18. Roger says :

    Why is she crying? after telling him to fuck off I bet he feels a right prat asking her on air.

  19. Lydia-Brooke says :

    OMG hahaha! fail

  20. Kelly says :

    she’s crying cos he didn’t do this…

    silly Nick!

  21. Debbie Lindley says :

    ….I’d forgotten about this, how could I have?? Cringe…x

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