Very awkward newsreader handover fail



8 responses to “Very awkward newsreader handover fail”

  1. mark says :

    I reckon she has.

    oh. . . .

  2. mr. chopper says :

    Well that’s Wigan for you.

  3. Mosh says :

    I swear a recognise the newsreader’s voice, probably from another station. And, wow, I bet they got a boatload of complaints after that one…

  4. Stuart Southwell says :

    There’ll be some compaints to Ofcom from that.

    How the presenter ever thought he’s get away with saying that on air and how the newsreader didn’t end up slapping him round the face I never know!!!

  5. Captain Wow says :

    This bit of audio has been doing the rounds for a couple of years now.

    I’m told it’s a spoof, too.

  6. Mark says :

    Oh god – the pitifully low standard of today’s commercial radio

  7. Ed Parnell says :

    How unprofessional was that? Not even funny. But then that’s commercial radio these days. Hire me.

  8. Andrew says :

    I laughed at the sheer ballsiness of it, I hope he’s still in work somewhere.

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