Bad choice of song fail


10 responses to “Bad choice of song fail”

  1. Derek Taff says :

    Did you hear how long the intro was going on for? He could have bloody stopped that! (Twonk.)

  2. Chris says :

    No radio station should be playing that song at any time!

  3. Stuart Southwell says :

    Surely he knew what song he was going to be playing after reading the news storys out!!!

  4. Rob T Firefly says :

    @Chris: There is one time during which it’s appropriate to play that song: 1985.

  5. Stephen says :

    This is clearly fake… He doesn’t introduce the song and I’m assuming if he had half a brain wouldn’t have played it. It’s a shame that these “funny” sites are filled with fakes now. Spoils the fun!

  6. Ian says :

    That’s a wee bit unfair as they were unknown at that stage and presumably Blackburn hadn’t seen Barbarella.

  7. jason robert says :

    As a presenter I did a similar mistake which was genuine on my community station in Swansea. I had played Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire which was followed by the local news and unbeknown to me I heard the first story was breaking news of a mother and daughter who died in a fire…….ouch!!!!!

  8. Dave G. says :

    My local played Spin Doctors/2 Princes after the initial reports of Diana’s death.

  9. Chris says :

    This is not a fake – It’s BBC Radio Oxford!

    I realise it sounds fake – but I know for a fact it’s not!

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