BBC Radio 2 and George Michael fail


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7 responses to “BBC Radio 2 and George Michael fail”

  1. Linda Moberg says :

    He POSITIVELY said F*CKING on the air! There was no way he said fecking. Nice try George.

  2. Jeff Trochowski says :

    Big Fucking Deal …….next. If your offended, flip the god damn fucking channel. Way to go George, a man who speaks what he thinks !

  3. Lisa says :

    so? its NOT a big deal. He’s simply a bad boy. lol. I’ve always loved George Michael…

  4. Steven says :

    Ya know the words is like masturbation. It’s practically an every day occurance but no one wants to admit they do it. Ok George likes to do it in Beverly Hills near Rodeo drive and shout it out to the world.
    Now he goes on the air and uses the “F” word. Who doesn’t use the “F” word? Feck! So now we know George Michael isl iek the rest of us …..He masturbates and he uses the F word only he gets penalized for it.

    I heard George Michael doesn’t take a C….p at night….and that hos s….t doesn;t smell. Does yours?
    Get over it!

  5. Gaithersburger 09 says :

    Leading up to the proposed “2012” or “Armegeddon” conflicts, this type of behavior will happen more often. Look at Howard Stern using certain invectives on the airwaves. Just recently on Sirius radio, he used a few words of some sort. On some news stations recently, a couple guys and ladies used some obscene and profane language when talking about the economy and crime rates skyrocketing. The police even say that all this is coming to a climax.

  6. Gaithersburger 09 says :

    Traditional radio used to be quite good and moral standards were inventoried quite regularly. Nowadays, on say for instance, WTOP or the WRC news station, at night, you hear certain obscene and profane words from the guys and ladies and then laughing about it and providing references to the words that they used on the air and the FCC just kind of condones it due to the solidarity and popularity of the stations. The cops on the streets of D.C. kind of make up their own rules which is a classic example. This is the kind of world that we live in today.

  7. Jerry Lincoln says :

    No one cares except a very few, and as this is a democracy the majority rules. To the minority, stop listening to radio, television and other people in the street. Get over yourselves, there are more important things to complain about.

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