Rage Against The Machine sweary breakfast fail


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11 responses to “Rage Against The Machine sweary breakfast fail”

  1. Joe McElderry says :

    Wow, this is such a great performance. These guys have real talent and their music actually contains a message. If only Simon would let me sing something other than dreary ballads, never mind! i just like being on the telly!

  2. Dave Crow says :

    Luckily for us the BBC is run by coked up idiots. No clear thinking person would expect any other outcome from RAGE. 🙂

  3. Carl Bradley says :

    They shouldn’t have cut Rage Against the Machine out, they’re only trying to converse with people in a their own way. Why all the controversy? If they reach the number 1 position in the charts, good for them!

  4. Brian Weatherall says :

    Inevitably this song will (has) become as tired as the who’s my generation on and sex p’s anarchy in the uk (without the butter), i enjoy the daftness of the stunt , but it will lead to a perpetuation of a message that is ultimately vacuous, everybody has to be told what to do, and then we can ignore the instrution , to be told again, the best thing about the song is that it punctuates the message via great music and breaks, but then what would i know , i have no friends and survive a on diet of emails, crisps and mini chicken kieves,,,, ping!, must go now

  5. Bhonna says :

    Expect nothing else from R.A.T.M or the arogance of the BBC not to run this programme in delay… Hello Ofcom. !!

  6. Rob The Builder says :

    Nicky Campbell – ex Radio 1 DJ, yet didn’t spot what was coming. Fake DJ, fake news presenter.

  7. Mosh says :

    Rob – and he is (or was, believe he’s left now) a complete arse on Watchdog.

    As for OFCOM, can I complain that they cut the track short and then told everyone to buy the X-Factor single, thus promoting a commercial enterprise and showing bias?

  8. Duncan Hill says :

    As much as I dislike the X-Factor and X-Factor songs….. A tired, almost-20-year-old, mediocre-American-metal song – “it once got to no. 25 in the charts!” (was beaten by Duran Duran and Rod Stewart for goodness sake) – and expecting it to get to no.1 because it’s so anti estabishment, and contains loads of pointless swearing, that’s what I call FAIL!

  9. Derek Taff says :

    Quiet you.

  10. Digby says :

    “Get rid of it” … “it’s 3 minutes past 9” HA HA HA. Sanitised BBC idiots got owned. I hate the BBC. They’ve NO Guts. 32 people complain and it’s the worse thing in the world. But when thousands of people rally for 6music they pay no attention. Spineless mediocre imbeciles.

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