Odd choice of emergency CD fail

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11 responses to “Odd choice of emergency CD fail”

  1. james (a big engineer) says :

    “A little engineer”…?

    What an arse.


  2. Timothy says :

    Epic FAIL.

    mind you, the bizzare ways that Reals music policy is changing i would be surprised if they started playing this

  3. Chris says :

    Quick, read the name of the station out again. That’ll help. Remind everyone which station is fouling up so badly.

  4. SEb says :

    I love the fact he couldn’t fill properly… “I’m now opening the CD case, I’m now pressing eject on the CD players, I’m now… ”


  5. Captain Wow says :


    It’s interesting to note that when something like this happens, many jocks are simply lost for words… and as the previous poster said, resort to dishing out the station ID and strap. It seems to highlight how robotic and formulaic commercial radio can be.

    Note to self: Have a cheeky content link ready in the back of mind ready for the next time this happens — and it will happen to us all at some point!!

    …oh, and maybe a nice safe maroon 5 cd too eh?

  6. Amy says :

    If it was me I would have kept the mic closed until I had a decent backup CD sorted… an extra 30 seconds of dead air would have been a lot less embarrassing than this.

  7. paul says :

    Best tune Real have ever banged out, but then again their not about banging out the tunes are they………oh well back to the playlist, here’s the scissor sisters.

  8. A says :

    That sounded like Real Radio in the North East… They are dodgy at the best of times!

  9. Sinbad says :

    BASS IN THE PLACE LONDON! tune! should have played all of it

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