Robbie Savage very awkward interview

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6 responses to “Robbie Savage very awkward interview”

  1. eguinan says :

    Jesus! That is painful….

  2. Rob T Firefly says :

    I thought I’d had some awkward broadcast moments, but WOW.

  3. Andrew says :

    Feel for the journalist, bet he’s been covering a lot more Derby games than Savage has played in. Who cares about the backroom staff’s record as players, they’re coaches now!

    Sorry to drag this into a footballing debate. Cheers for posting the clip.

  4. NickDunmore says :

    I don’t quite know how Savage is goingt o top this embarrassment.

    Oh, right – continuing living day to day:

  5. Ian Hough says :

    Very funny…it almost sounds like a couple of comedians. Doesn’t like that Bloomfield bloke does he?

    “Rail Madrid….Rail…Madrid.”

    Scunthorpe were better than them, on the day. And that’s that.

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