Breakfast show open Fail


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26 responses to “Breakfast show open Fail”

  1. Dave says :


  2. Spike Nesmith says :

    Has Vaughan had a stroke?

  3. Mark Stevens says :

    Jonny should have said, “Sorry if you were offended, now get over it, People swear sometimes you know”.

  4. Paul says :

    PR STUNT Blatant, probably signed off by Ashley, oh look we got page 3 in the sun …naughty Jodie …boring!!!

  5. Janet puttocks says :

    Just shows the poor state of British radio today, and the low intelligence of the presenter concerned. If People on the BBC get sacked for using this word so should she. What an Example

  6. john f says :

    Technical problem.
    Yeah, right.

  7. Stuart Southwell says :

    Technical problem?, How many studios do you know that swear!

    Presenter problem would have been more appropriate.

  8. Paul says :

    Technical problems happen… hence number one rule – never swear in front of a microphone! I hope it wasn’t a publicity stunt, if it was they’re stooping to desperate levels!

  9. Felix says :

    Poor Johnny did his best huh. That Jodie Kidd is a naughty minx

  10. Stuart Southwell says :

    Shall we guess what someone was saying to Jodie Kidd to make her swear?

  11. Stuart- Pocklington says :

    I bet Ofcom have a field day…roll on their Monthly Bulletin for a public roasting.
    Doesn’t the presenter sound a right thick-o?
    Who’d want to wake up to them on their radio, ever?

  12. geoff dorsett says :

    Think before you sub Lisa with a” bit of a rough” amateur.Johnny was totally unconvincing in his apology and sounded nervous as hell. Always put brain in gear BEFORE you open mic

  13. Ross Patzelt says :

    When I did FM radio I never swore at all in front of the studio just in case I accidently pushed mic fader up. That Capital show is awful enough as it is.

  14. Paul - Vixen 101 says :

    As it’s Capital and Johnny Vaughn, they’ll get away with it. If we did it in Community Radio, Ofcom would have been round by now to disconnect the transmitter.

    • Live says :

      Paul… where’s your examples of this?.. I’ve never heard of OFCOM pulling the plug on a community station for swearing?

  15. Rob T Firefly says :

    I have the same technical problem all the time. They never should have put the “make the presenter say ‘fuck off'” button so close to all the other buttons on the console.

  16. Johnny Blackburn says :

    The audio is no longer here. I’m guessing someone at Global airbrushed it out.

  17. sinisterpictures says :

    Ahh Crapitol radio with johnny Yawwwwwn!

  18. Rick says :

    Studio manners – never swear in a studio (so you don’t do it accidentaly when the mic. is live) – ooops, too late! Sounds like jodie Kidd hasn’t been studio trained yet!.
    I’m glad I can’t head Crapital here in the East Midlands – we have enough crap here called Trent Fm…. ’nuff said!

  19. Dan Shaw says :


    Oooh dear me!

    That was a little naughty!

  20. sean says :

    Technical problem. my god radio 1 has a lot of them then

  21. tomasz. says :

    my goodness, you “this is how you should do it properly” people are boring

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