Real slip of the tongue fail


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6 responses to “Real slip of the tongue fail”

  1. Matt says :

    Yeah, funny but not “giggle about it for the better part of a minute” funny.

  2. Dave says :

    yeah, it wasn’t THAT funny DJ!

  3. Adam says :

    Agree with Matt. The initial gag was funny but the continuous laughter gets onm your nerves. Not a good jock anyway!

  4. dk says :

    Ricks a great jock, and although this example is not high brow comedy for you connoisseurs, it would still have give plenty of people a little chuckle during their day.

  5. The Dave says :

    It wasn’t a was a slip, then he lost it..which i’ve never heard Rick do.. that alone was the funny part 🙂

    ps.Rick’s a great jock

  6. Phil King says :

    Awwww Rick ive not heard you laugh like that since the days of Biffo the cosmic raver on City FM in the 90’s, (still have it on cart somewhere btw)

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