Derbyshire fill for time fail



13 responses to “Derbyshire fill for time fail”

  1. jim says :

    …and that’s why I’m not a DJ…

  2. Stevo says :

    Who decided to get this guy in for cover…can’t even work the studio!!!

  3. Ross Patzelt says :

    Ahhhh bless him. Its horrible when nothing works. I’d have brought a banjo in and played that!

  4. chris says :

    he’s doing a great job selling himself there.

  5. joe says :

    sounds like Nick Griffin :S

  6. Simon says :

    Poor bloke.

  7. Ed Parnell says :

    What happened here? This is the BBC? What happened to training someone? That was poor, even by commercial radio standards.

  8. Andrew says :

    Anyone else cringing for the poor bloke?

  9. Barry Jarvis says :

    It’s the most horrible feeling in the world when it happens to you. Technology has a nasty habit of coming back & biting you on the ass. how many of you posting comments here have actually set foot in a radio studio?

  10. Andy says :

    He was doing so well right up to when he played that Drifters song.
    We’ve all been there.

  11. i wish i could tell you who i am says :

    Trust me I was there, it was nothing to do with technology biting asses, more like an ass in the station who doesn’t know the meaning of DESK TRAINING!!

  12. Andy says :

    Dear “I wish I could tell you who I am.” Could you please tell me who you are so I can stop everybody thinking that you’re me? I’m not in the habit of posting my opinions on forums.

  13. Stephen Dew says :

    He sound like a grandad trying to work an iPod. But then again, who doesn’t love their grandad?

    I bet the producer who ran in there was like “This is going straight on RadioFail”

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