Tim Westwood’s famously honest rajar fail


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8 responses to “Tim Westwood’s famously honest rajar fail”

  1. IndieSinger says :


  2. Sam says :

    As much as Westwood acts like a plank alot of the time, he seems pretty sincere and I almost feel bad. lol.

    Then again, he’s still broadcasting to half a million people. That’s still alot. Not a big TSA compared to others but still.

  3. The Egg Man says :

    Radio Joint Audience Research-good ol’ google!

  4. johnfuego says :

    What a trio of absolute cuntitude.

  5. Jesus says :

    I don’t get it. :/

  6. Dave Satan QC says :

    I used to think think that Tim Westwood was a kind of joke person who existed in a place beyond all levels of parody, and the legal faff that prevented Ali-G’s interview of him from being broadcast suggested that he may actually have no sense of humour about himself at all.

    Having heard a bit more of him over the years though, this clip is a perfect example of how that couldn’t be further from the truth, and in fact Westwood’s afternoon show is the only thing on 1Xtra I actually would listen to.

    Also, it’s always nice to hear corporate types panicking when someone goes ‘off-message’.

  7. Jim says :

    I agree with Dave.

    I also think that the media in general represent everything that’s wrong with humanity.

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