Colleague situation fail


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7 responses to “Colleague situation fail”

  1. Joanne says :

    What’s the point in posting this without giving some context? I assume the majority of RadioFail subscribers are in the UK and this clip will mean nothing to them…

  2. irish person says :

    Just to let you know…its a fail because gerry ryan died the morning this went out…they obviously didn’t know

  3. Dubliner says :

    Gerry Ryan had failed to show up for work because he died of a suspected heart attack. His body was found some hours after this broadcast.

  4. Another Paddy says :

    Hi Joanne….just wondering why you might assume that the majority of subscribers to a radio based website operating on the WORLD Wide Web might be be from the UK ????????

  5. Simon Price says :

    To ‘Another Paddy’ – er… because it’s a British website aimed at British people, containing 99% British radio content.

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