Queen Is (not) Dead Fail


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6 responses to “Queen Is (not) Dead Fail”

  1. Carl Waring says :

    I have to say that I wouldn’t have been able to take that seriously. I’m surprised anyone could. It’s complete rubbish.

  2. Dave Daws says :

    Do people actually listen to this rubbish?

  3. Jim says :

    They’re paid for this? You should have put the whole show on.

    oh we got 1000 friends, it’s time to…. raise the bar…

    please kill me. i don’t know if i’m particularly highminded (i write in lowercase after all), but i find even the way these plonkers talk to be cliche.

  4. Liam says :

    Actually its from a UK uni radio station if I remember right, so no they don’t get paid for it, its just students having a laugh

  5. Liam says :

    ignore last comment please

  6. tomasz. says :

    @first three commenters, i now quite like these guys just for the good job they’re doing of winding you lot up

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