Live read fail


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11 responses to “Live read fail”

  1. Jim says :

    for some reason that reminded me of grange hill, i could see ronson standing on the otherside of the glass with his head about to explode

  2. Jim says :

    “bronson”, pardon me

  3. edparnell says :


    Is that was passes for presentation talent these days?

  4. Jeffreeeeeeeeeey says :

    Twat sounds like Jamie Oliver

  5. StevieJ says :

    HAHA this is funny! poor bloke got totally stictched up! and bloody hell Edparnell give the guy a break! I thought it was funny! he did well!

  6. Greg says :

    It doesn’t sound great anyway, was only a matter of time before something like this happened. ugh.

  7. Ben says :

    “Norfolk County Council” is not THAT hard to say without dropping the C-bomb, is it?
    It’s not like he’s trying to say “Cupid Stunt” or anything.
    And he’s not Nicky Campbell.

  8. Mouth on Legs says :

    I sent radio fail a really funny fail the other day, not on here yet!!
    Get it on Radio Fail!!! 🙂

  9. Johnjock says :

    You lot are wankers! This is not supposed to be a site for critiques! F++K me at least this guy has a job.. unlike most of you anoraks i would imagine! You’ll be ringing up you’ve been framed next and moaning that the bloke on trampoline wasnt wearing a safety helmet or some shit.. get a life!! Its supposed to be a laugh!! What is the point of being gits about it! just enjoy the spirit of this website and stop being such arses!

  10. edparnell says :

    Fair enough. I was in a weird mood when I wrote the above.

  11. Ross Patzelt says :

    thats stu grant I think. Potty mouth!

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