Gardening guest awkwardness


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16 responses to “Gardening guest awkwardness”

  1. Luke says :

    Ha, he is an absolute cretin.

  2. Jim says :

    I want to believe it’s deliberate… yikes.

  3. Mark says :

    Why do some presenters have an ego the size of Surrey. This guy is clearly a tosser who is only famous in his own mirror!

  4. JH says :

    This is an edited version – believe me, the live on-air version was much, much longer, with pregnant pauses aplenty. Car crach radio at its best…

  5. Joanne says :

    Oh my goodness that is gold. I imagine his days at the BBC are numbered.

  6. Phil says :

    Good grief – is this the best the BBC can do? There are, unfortunately, several mature, experienced presenters coming onto the market now thanks to the consolidation happening in IR. Any one of them could do better than this immature, gauche egotist.

  7. Spike Nesmith says :

    Have you read his Wikipedia page? It looks very much like he wrote it himself.

    Furthermore, the whole apology schtick is textbook Scottie McClue. Almost word for word what he used to do to people on Scot FM back in the day, even down to “apologise to the nation”.

  8. Captain Wow says :

    Unbelieveable! That gardening chap has been guesting for years on BBC Leeds, why would this young upstart think that he can dish out that kind of attitude?

    The ego has certainly crash landed.

    I hope management realise they’ve made a terrible mistake.

  9. Phil says :

    Alan Partridge.

  10. Ollie says :

    I hope the Programme Manager had a word with him..
    This is Shocking.

  11. A Robinson says :

    How rude, how stupid and what an imbecile.

    Ego-tastic. How very right of the station manager to send such a letter to him…

    You are the weakest link… Goodbye!

  12. Richard says :

    “Apologise to the nation”, demands BBC Leeds radio hack, Alex Bellend. What a twat.

  13. Lauriepink says :

    God, what an arrogant cock!

  14. andy says :

    This goes on most mornings – and now he’s trying to be Liz Green in the morning – by tackling vital issues in the news. A real hectoring voice with no warmth

  15. Stanno says :

    What a prick. The guy sounds like a total nightmare to work with (and listen to).

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