News clips fail… again and again…


9 responses to “News clips fail… again and again…”

  1. tim says :

    You would think that the guy would at least prepare his word BEFORE he goes live on air. What a nob.

  2. Ben says :

    Have Radio 2 had a new playout system installed?
    I have never noticed so many mistakes and mis-fires on air, with the wrong audio playing until the last few months…even Steve Wright and Jeremy Vine are left apologising. Must be bad.

  3. Jim says :

    Without knowing anything about how his job works, I won’t judge, but just safely assume there was a computer to blame.

  4. Huw says :

    Hopefully this also highlights the dangers of expecting the newsreader to do the whole of a bulletin by him/herself!

  5. Nat says :

    Ouch! when I was at radio school, I was told its a cardinal sin to say no one’s listening (as well as that being common sense!)

    Also, why make such a big deal out of clips not playing out, just carry on without comment!

  6. This Reality Podcast says :

    He has my sympathy; from the mouse-clicking going on in the background, it seems safe to assume that the cue/notes device the BBC are now using, isn’t delivering the expected content on time, on click. Interesting to note how confident Mr Marsh got when he rattled on to the weather – you can hear him pick up the piece of paper on which that information is printed.

    This week I couldn’t say ‘Malagan peninsula’ when the Mic went live, despite having used the phrase correctly a zillion times in the past. Oh well. 🙂

  7. Ryan says :

    I do love the way he did this. Chris Moyles ripped it apart! Brilliant.

    I have a feeling the computer crashed, as none of his clips were working, but I love his enthusiasm, and how he made it amusing for the listener. At 5am, you can probably get away with the light heartedness, in the way that he and Sarah Kennedy handled it.

    I know what it’s like to have computers fail on you halfway through a news broadcast, or show, but the way he handled it worked perfectly I think…It’s typical John Marsh!

  8. tomasz. says :

    “radio school”? 😀

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