Mentioning the competition fail


8 responses to “Mentioning the competition fail”

  1. Danny says :

    hahahaha…this is brilliant!
    I like how he has to clarify that its the one with the same name as the chocolate bar! Brilliant.

  2. Dave Crow says :

    Why is it a fail?

  3. Steve says :

    What on earth was all that about? Did I miss something????

  4. james vincent says :

    Naughty boy. These companies shouldn’t get bitchy towards each other. and Key cant talk cos the Bauer hit music network has Networked shows i know they do with sister stations Hallam & Viking in Yorkshire. So don’t pick on Galaxy. RAJAR results prove Galaxy is the Number 1 in Manchester today!

  5. Brian says :

    Erm, am I being thick? What’s the point of this clip?

  6. Tim says :

    Surely this is a big WIN rather than a FAIL?

  7. CaptainWow says :

    It’s most certainly a fail, as it’s utterly self indulgent, of no relevance to the listener… And bottom line; Innacurate!

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