DJ in delayed headphones fail


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11 responses to “DJ in delayed headphones fail”

  1. Ross Patzelt says :

    Haha is he drunk!!!!!!!?

  2. Ben says :

    Yikes, if a simple headphone delay made him talk like that…he’s listening to the sound of his voice too hard, me thinks!
    Why not take the headphones off?

  3. Jim says :

    awesome! his brain stopped working

  4. Ed Nell says :

    Ha ha, that’s me!! Fame at last… for all the wrong reasons

    The station went into back up mode without me knowing…. 2 second delay in my headphones was very confusing. In hindsight I really should have just taken the headphones off

    Thanks whoever sent that one in!!

  5. Elvis Duran says :

    Oh dear, has he had a stroke?

    Poor Mr Ed…

  6. Spike Nesmith says :

    No criticism from me, it’s bloody hard to concentrate when there’s a delay coming back. I know 30 year radio veterans who still get screwed up and sound like that when they don’t have a mix minus.

  7. Nat says :

    Brilliant!, I hate talk back at the best of times, but hearing yourself…. no thanks!

  8. James Martin says :

    Been there, done that and it really does make you sound pished.

    Apparently it’s used as a way of seeing if deaf people really are deaf…

  9. Luke Parnell says :

    Hey I really want to replicate this as a test for an art installation. I’ve tried calling someone in my studio on skype, and speaking into my laptop, but listening to the output from their laptop on my headphones.

    It makes it slightly harder to speak as there is a delay as your voice goes over the internet to the next computer, but doesn’t replicate. I think its because the delay time isn’t right.

    Has anyone managed to successfully recreate the conditions, without actually going into a radio studio? If so can you advise me, i’d be very grateful.

    Maybe some of you work in radio and know the exact conditions?

    • Salocin.TEN says :

      Yeah, I had the exact same confusion when I was testing my mike setup for a live Internet broadcast by turning on the “audio monitor”. Forgot if it was Skype or some other software. The updated version of the software had a warning of a slight delay when monitoring is switched on. LOL!

  10. A says :

    aha poor brmb… this is funny though!

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