Radio 4 Naughty Naughtie Fail


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18 responses to “Radio 4 Naughty Naughtie Fail”

  1. Mike Evanson says :

    This is not a fail, give Naughtie a break. How it happened is obvious. Total accident. The only offence committed was taking 20 mins to apologise.

  2. swiss james says :

    Blimey, the paint’s still wet on this one. Impressive.

  3. 30hertz says :

    Fail? I think it’s a Jim-slip of genius and an epic win. Knight Naughtie!

  4. Jeffreeeeeeeeeey says :

    You can hear him laugh immediately before the `pips`!

  5. Salv says :

    What a shame so many people get offended by a genuine mistake. Yes, it was funny. Yes, it was inappropriate over one’s cornflakes. But these things happen. Mr Naughtie is a professional, but also human. Whinging listeners, find something really important to compalin about before swamping switchboards and email boxes

  6. Jaygee says :

    Naughty has just immortalised himself. Jeremy Hunt should be grateful too. His name will be remembered when all the other current cabinet members have been long forgotten.

  7. Cupid Stunt says :

    Have you got Anrew Marr’s follow-up on Star The Week.

  8. a radio person says :

    Accident, fail or win, it still has a place on @radiofail!

  9. snips says :

    best tourettes ever

  10. Kelly Neale says :

    Hilarious! It’s just the emphasis he puts on the wrong word! Still laughing.

  11. Mike Hunt says :

    I think its appalling that we taxpayers have to put up with such cunning stunts such as this to raise listeners.
    MIke Hunt

  12. Mike Smith says :

    Nice reference to Spooner by Naughtie.

    Also love the name at the end of the reply above, considering the content of the slip.

  13. Bridget Jones says :

    It was the best tonic on a dark and grey Monday morning! So glad I’ve been given the chance to hear it over and over again :o)

  14. Rob says :

    taxes should pay for more of this, comedy gold! nice one Naughtie

  15. Smeggypants says :

    At least he described Jeremy *unt correctly

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