Elton John Radio 2 breakfast sweary fail


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8 responses to “Elton John Radio 2 breakfast sweary fail”

  1. snips says :

    thats the noise i make every time i hear chris evans

  2. Craig says :

    I love Elton, but if that word had been said by an ” ordinary” individual, I would be willing to bet he would be reprimanded to the hilt by Ofcom

  3. wireless waffle says :

    He is a great example to his surrogate child! Come on Reg – act your age

  4. Alan Byron says :

    Elton John’s (Reg Dwight) love life, his ‘qualities’ as a
    parent and his personality are a matter of supremem indifference.
    His music is that of genius. That, and only that, do I

  5. Alan Byron says :

    Reg Dwight – a name most ordinary. His music – an
    inspiration most extra-ordinary

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