Newsreading Hiccup Fail


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18 responses to “Newsreading Hiccup Fail”

  1. B.C. says :

    Ahh.. bless – a true pro – the show must go on. A Spoonful of sugar will cure it !!

  2. Jay Zammit says :

    LOL – this has to be the best one yet! Priceless & what a trooper this news reader is?
    Excellent stuff!

  3. Mike Brand says :

    A true professional

  4. Steve Brian says :

    This sounds like my DAB reception at times; it keeps hiccupping as well… LOL!

    What great fun! A really bonzer news reader mate!

  5. David says :

    That poor newscaster must have been so embarrassed…. but that was a little funny considering that was live and you can’t stop when your broadcasting live.

  6. Rob T Firefly says :

    What a pro! Bless her (hic) heart.

  7. spike says :

    She does ever so well not to go into the fit of laughter I would have been in.

  8. theoilbaron says :

    Give that girl a medal!

  9. Not So Dum says :

    clearly faked. and not very well……….

  10. cagefightingblogger says :

    She’s got kind of a cute accent. I bet she finished the broadcast, walked out into the carpark and shouted “FFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!” at the top of her voice.

  11. tomasz. says :

    on a purely sonic level, this is amazing

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