A smashing cricket fail



9 responses to “A smashing cricket fail”

  1. Ace says :


  2. bill says :

    Cant get this file to play. keeps saying buffering but wont play. All the others play fine. Anyone else having any issues with it

  3. james says :

    I can’t get this to play :/

    Is it just me?

  4. Gavin says :

    Nah doesnt work, i reported it last month but nothings been done about it.

  5. Neil Sweeney says :

    same story as previous posts. “buffering”

  6. Salocin.TEN says :

    Seems to be something up with the encoding of the file. I have experienced this on a Website I made. Changed the encoding from 8 kbps to 96 or 128 kbps and it’s fine after that.

  7. Chris Barnes (@chris_gg) says :

    I managed to find the direct link via a little bit of source code snooping and trial-and-error:

    [audio src="https://radiofail.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/cricket.mp3" /]

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