Embarrassing call to listener fail

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10 responses to “Embarrassing call to listener fail”

  1. Rod Hardisty says :

    I felt myself going red listening to this. Very funny Sue.
    Sorry what was your other name?

  2. Sarah Knapper says :

    Stole this from Amy Lea BUT its genius!

  3. MKF says :

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not a CD….how am I gonna tell her…..its gonna break her heart……………………………

  4. blackwatertown says :

    Lovely stuff – but well handled.

  5. Mike Hunt says :

    Well handled? My arse it was. She dug her own grave with this. Any jock worth their salt would have known this was going to end in tears from the moment she picked up the phone. In fact, any jock worth their salt wouldn’t have even attempted such a half-arsed trite feature.

  6. greg says :

    Cringe making. This is how your licence money is spent.
    So was this a competition to improve the presenter’s ego? What lack of intelligence decided that the competition was to call back previous contestants and give them CDs?
    This was a BBC competition. It would have been approved by the station’s management. BBC quizzes must have some element of questions in them. The listener said it all “I don’t listen to BBC local radio anymore”. Neither does anyone in BBC Radio Newcastle.
    Isn’t calling someone LIVE ON AIR without telling them against Ofcom rules ?
    Chirpy chirpy cheap cheap .

  7. Paul says :

    Surely that’s part of the humour, Mr. Hunt? It’s a good link and Sue knows it. I doubt she cares if anyone knows who she is.
    Go back to digital spy and stop posting on here being a massive hunt.

  8. Name says :

    Wonder how this got on the air; did the person on the other end of the phone know it would be on air??????

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