Scottish broadcasting fail

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14 responses to “Scottish broadcasting fail”

  1. Ross Patzelt says :

    Haha! Does he not know hes on air!

  2. Jim says :

    Who’s bleeping it?

  3. enquirewithin says :

    There needs to be a dubstep remix of this…

    The Borders.

    • EyesLikeBroccoli says :

      Dubstep or DnB. I thought that the second it started.

      We could go older and try a bit of jungle?

  4. John says :

    the borders

  5. Jim Bot says :

    BBC Radio Scotland, oh dear….

  6. Keith Waddell says :

    The borders.

  7. Sinbad says :

    I was tempted to beatbox to this! the borders WOM CLAP TISS the borders

  8. MR S E LEA says :

    the borders

  9. hank says :

    Which idiot bleeped this?

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