Drunk in charge of a show Fail

We’ve never been able to feature a full radio show on radiofail. Until now.

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20 responses to “Drunk in charge of a show Fail”

  1. Dave Massey says :

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha………hahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahahahahahahaha… hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Dr Barbara Jacobs says :

    Last time she was this drunk – 2001 – on air, on our joint show on Century, I fed her coffee and food until she was almost able to talk, and filled in for her, and wouldn’t let her speak until she was almost capable, after she’d downed a bottle or two of vodka. Someone took their eye off the ball, this time.
    Not funny. She was always an accident waiting to happen. BBC Stoke, as a psychologist, I have to say – what the hell are you playing at?

  3. Andreas says :

    Sounds reminiscent of Sarah Kennedy on “Dawn Patrol”, on Radio 2.

    • citizen-snips says :

      sarah kennedy is the god of drunken morning gaffs this lady is not fit to kiss her gin soaked shoes

  4. Fetesha Downs says :


  5. Keith Wilson says :

    Paula is a great presenter and given it is her last day deserves to vent her frustration at leaving in any way she wants. She is Superb!

  6. Richard Handal says :

    Oh, wow. She sounded fun.

  7. bones says :

    shes not even that bad!! I like it!

  8. thefrecklepuny says :

    Kerry Katona, is that you?

  9. janelily7 says :

    I don’t think it’s funny just sad.

  10. Harry Yeprem says :


  11. Kate Glover says :

    (about ¾ the way through) On BBC Radio Soak! Whoooo!

  12. Tim Bucknall says :

    this is without doubt the most professional, coherent, insightful show Paula has ever done, if only she could have reached such heights before

    more proof that no one listens to Radio stoke

  13. The Last Minute says :

    The best thing is that they still have the whole 3 hour show on iPlayer! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01817jp/Paula_White_Paulas_last_lunchtime_show/

  14. Andrew says :

    Sad, childish, unprofessional. She should be ashamed.

  15. Lester says :

    still better than every commercial local radio station.

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